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Bach Ke – Beware of the sauce

Introducing the sizzling sensation inspired by Panjabi MC’s iconic “Beware of the Boys” hit with the famous sound of the tumbi…
Panjabi MC “Bach Ke” Beware of the Sauce!

This fiery twist on traditional chilli sauces captures the true flavours of Punjab, blending the zest of fresh coriander and the kick of green chilli. But be warned, it’s packing some heat.

Through our collaborative efforts and extensive market exploration, we’ve crafted a top-notch team and developed an incredible green chilli sauce, produced right here in the UK. Give it a try…

“Have you ever searched the globe for that missing flavour? After numerous adventures, it’s the one thing that never quite hits the mark—especially during those late-night cravings with chips or parathas”… Panjabi MC

Beware! Bach Ke fresh green chili sauce with a hit of coriander by Panjabi MC is not your average extra hot sauce. Apply a little on your favourite food and taste that ting-a-ling-a-ling-a- ling-aa.